Why You’re Failing At Making Money Online

3 Reasons Why You're Failing At Making Money Online & How To Fix Them

You're broke! Looking for why you're failing at making money online? Well, unfortunately, that is a hugely common thing for people who've been dinking around in this make money online world for way too long without actually making money.

Well, today, I'm going to give you three reasons why you're broke. Why you're failing at making money online. Because, guess what? A + B = C all the time. Right? You do the steps you're supposed to do and you will make money. Right?

So, if you're doing the steps but you're not making money, then what's going on? What's the problem?

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I'm going to break that down for you because this is really important! So many people are wasting time. And, time is the most precious commodity that we have on earth.

Stop wasting your precious time! Get down to making some real money, so that you can create that time freedom (and financial freedom) that you and your family deserve.

Alright, let's dive into this. This is really near and dear to my heart. I train and help a lot of people on how to be successful in making money online. I really think it basically comes down to three things.

Number 1
You're Desperate, Not Hungry

Number one, of the reasons why you're failing at making money online, is you're desperate, not hungry. You're desperate, not hungry!

desperate not hungry image

You see this all the time. People get in tough binds and they need money to pay their mortgage. In other words, they need money NOW!

I totally get, but then you need a job. You need a job even if just for a little bit. Don't try to figure out this online thing when you need money that quickly. So, just get a job, just solidly get a job.

This online thing takes time, but this is still a profession. This is something that if you want a solid income online, which is totally possible. Not just solid income, but really, really big income.

Even six, seven, and eight figures is totally possible online, but it does take time. And, if you've got to pay the bills this month and you don't have the money, well, you should be doing something quick so you can get that money.

You should be getting a job, whether that's online or offline, get a job that pays well. One that can help keep the electric on, essentially, so that you can invest your off time to put a side hustle together that can eventually replace all of that for you.

If you're desperate for money, when I've seen people in this desperation mode, is that they just say, "tell me which button to push and I'll push it." Right?

They want this easy button to push. Guess what? There isn't an easy button to push. I can't tell you to do something mindless and then assume you are going to make a bunch of money from it.

It doesn't work that way!!

You're going to have to build some skills, learn some strategies, implement them and actually think outside the box to be successful.

So you're desperate, NOT hungry!

You should be hungry to make money online. That hunger should drive you and encourage you to get better and better, but not desperate.

If that means that you've got to pick up some sort of job right now, that's okay. Most people have jobs. It's not the end of the world. I have had jobs. I had a job while I was building my online business.

Support yourself as you need to through a job. Be hungry to go and grow, but not desperate. Okay?

But you do have to be HUNGRY. I do see people who are just not hungry at all. They're not desperate and they're not hungry, then they're not making any money.

You do have to be driven. Really driven to make this happen. I was watching 6 children out of my home and I was getting worn down an was stuck at home all of the time. I wasn't spending any time with my children. Not to mention, that I still had my youngest son still doing school.

I was homeschooling him and watching children from home. It was exhausting!! THAT was my driving force! That my son deserved more from his teacher (me) and I deserved to be freed up with my time also.

Plus, it would serve the family because we could do more trips together if I was not tied to the house non-stop. I was hungry for time freedom and financial freedom for my family.

It was an extremely strong driving force for me. Which kept me going, kept me motivated and focused to succeed. I was HUNGRY!! Become hungry don't be desperate. Also, don't be apathetic either. You have to be hungry and active to make this work.

Number 2
You're Treating Your Business Like A Hobby

Alright number two. The second of the reasons that you're failing at making money online, is that you are treating it like a hobby. You are treating it like something that you only do when you "feel" like doing it.

decorative image explaining difference between hobby and business

You can't build a business, or an online income, whether you're doing freelance gigs, building a brand, affiliate marketing, or whatever you're doing, if you're only doing it when you "feel" like it.

That's not how a substantial, full-time income is made. You have to do it whether you feel like it or not. That's called self-discipline. It's required if you want to create a substantial income. It is! It's not just a hobby where you can play around with things and expect to make money unless you're looking for some quick side cash.

In that case, I share all kinds of apps and websites that can pay you cash for just a few minutes of your time. You want $20 to go have a drink that night, you can do that. Here's my blog post for 8 different websites, just click here. And, then my post for 7 different websites can be reached by clicking here.

I also have those apps in videos all over my YouTube channel, but if you want a real income, that's different.

You actually have to be disciplined enough to put in the work whether you want to or not. Absolutely, don't treat it like a hobby. Treat it like a profession.

Treat it like something that has to be get done before your head hits the pillow every single day.

Have I had some sleepless nights as an entrepreneur? You betcha! Absolutely! Has it been worth it? Absolutely positively! I will always say that it's worth some sleepless nights, Even worth lots of sleepless nights.

I mean come on. It's going to take work. You have to be disciplined enough to do the work. Even if you don't "feel" like it or it's just not going to go anywhere. Okay?

You need to treat this as a profession. As your profession. Not a hobby, but as a profession. A profession that requires skills not just pushing the money button. You actually have to learn some skills.

As mentioned, treat this like a profession. Learn the skills. Go through training on YouTube. Purchase training products. Go to Live events. Work your skills and perfect them.

Actually, study people who are doing this. Watch those who are being successful with whatever it is you are wanting to do, study them. Learn how to be successful. Keep working on improving your skills.

Treat it as a profession, not just a place where you push a button and make money. That never works. At least not substantial money.

You're never going to find full-time income doing that. Simply improve your skills and your income can start happening and it's going to grow with your skills. Always work on improving your skills and treating this like a profession.

As I head into number three, there's a link down below, click on that to get a full training that's going to give you the how-to's on how to create a substantial online income with passive income that pays you ongoing for work you do once. That's at the bottom of the post.

Number 3
You're Not Getting Help From A Coach

Alright, everyone, number three. The third of the reasons why you've failed in your online business. The mistake that I see so many people make.

keep calm and get a coach image

If you're hungry, you're not desperate, but you're hungry -- that's good. If you're treating it like a profession and not a hobby -- great. Essentially, number one and number two don't apply, right? You're doing those parts right. If you're still not making money then it's because you haven't gotten help.

Number three is not getting help. Not getting a coach. Not just watching free YouTube videos to help you do things. Which it's great to do that and you should.

But if you're doing the first two things and you're still not making money or you're not making it at the speed in which you want to, then what does that tell you?

That means you should get someone who's experienced to look at what you're doing and give you feedback. They can give you insights to help you do that.

Hire a coach!! Hire a coach!!

I have spent a lot of money on coaching. Also, I have spent money on personal training products as well, but lots of dollars on coaches. It has paid off and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

When I first started online, I hired a coach. I understood most of the lingo, etc., but I needed to get it done right and without wasting time. A coach got me started and helped me to start generating leads and making my first sales.

When I was ready to start upscaling my business, I used a coach. I was making sales but I couldn't scale anything. Nothing was scalable in my business and my numbers for conversions from leads to sales was horrible.

What did I do? I got a coach.

Someone that could personally help me improve what I was failing at in my business. Someone who knew what I wanted to do with launching my own products. Someone who knew all of the stuff that goes with that and could walk me through the process and help me fix the things that weren't working. They could help me avoid the pitfalls in the future that I didn't even know I was going to hit. Because they had the experience to see that coming.

Again, if you're hungry, if you're treating your biz like a profession, and you're still not making money -- you need to find a coach. There's tons of great coaches out there. Find someone who's doing what you want to do. Who really gets the type of business and the type of income you want to create online.

Connect with them and see if they offer coaching. I'm not talking about just people who all they are is a coach. That's all they do, they don't build their own products, and stuff like that. That's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about an entrepreneur who is doing the types of things that you want to do and is successful at those things.

Maybe they are not even a coach at all, but just a successful entrepreneur doing the types of things that you want to do. Hire them as a coach. Because they have the expertise that you need to fix what you're doing and to make what you're doing better.

I encourage you to find a coach that you can work with. If number one and number two aren't a problem for you, then number three it is and get connected to a coach. Number three is it. Serious!

Please know that I am in your corner and on your side and I am here for you. To help you create the time freedom and financial freedom that you and your family deserve.

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As always, be a SUPERHERO!

Talk soon,

Link for training: http://bit.ly/36ckGeo

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