Tactics to Kickstart Your Instagram Sales


Are you looking for tactics to kickstart Instagram sales? Well, with over one billion active monthly users and a growth rate faster than any other social media platform. PLUS, the huge opportunity of only 35% of marketers using it, compare that to say Facebook at 93%. Don’t you think it’s time to learn how to really start leveraging the power of Instagram?

Today I’m gonna teach you the seven critical steps for success for using Instagram for affiliate marketing to make sales. Instagram is going to be around for along time and is becoming a massive force in the marketplace. So, let me help get you ahead of the curve.

Instagram is a hugely valuable platform that marketers can use to build brand awareness, grow an audience, drive traffic, generate leads, and make sales. ALL of this without having to pay for ads. So let’s dive into the critical success tips for rocking Instagram with affiliate marketing.

We’re gonna be focusing on affiliate marketing today because, honestly, it’s one of my favorite online business models, but the same principles can be applied to any type of business that you’re looking to build.

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Tip #7 Of Tactics To Kickstart Instagram Sales
~Less Is More~

less is more

Alright, let’s get going…..tip number seven, less is more. You don’t have to post a ton on Instagram to be effective.

Unlike Twitter, where you’ll want to post several times a day, you are totally fine simply posting once a day on Instagram.

The very top brands on Instagram, post an average of only five posts per week. So instead of trying to pump out a bunch of posts, focus more on quality instead of quantity, and provide really high-quality content for your audience.

Tip #6 Of Tactics To Kickstart Instagram Sales
~Engage With Your Audience~

Engagement is huge on Instagram.

engage with your audience

Instagram is the king social-medial platform for engagement. It’s what makes it so special. It has the highest engagement rates by far over every other social-media platform.

Take time to reply to every comment. Especially if you are new, reciprocate engagement with your followers.

So, if someone follows you, follow them back. If they like something of yours, like one of their posts back, and the same for comments.

The higher engagement you get, the more people Instagram will show your content to. This encourages bigger brand awareness, which will drive more traffic, generate more leads, and make more sales.

Tip #5 Of Tactics To Kickstart Instagram Sales
~10K Followers ASAP~

Number five, get to 10,000 followers as quickly as possible. Because then you unlock the SwipeUp feature in stories. This allows you to drive traffic to any website that you want.

10K followers as soon as possible

So you can use stories for flash sales to your website. You can use it for promoting webinars, for driving traffic to blog posts, videos, landing pages, sales funnels, you name it.

So get to 10,000 followers as soon as possible, so you can unlock this feature. It’s really important because, other than this SwipeUp Feature, your website link in your bio is the only other place you can publish an active link on Instagram.

The links in picture captions that you see people try to do, they don’t work. You post a URL, but it won’t post like a link or hyperlink. Your followers would have to copy and paste and that causes trouble for your followers and they most likely won’t do it. So this tip is really important.

If you would like to learn a hack to using the SwipeUp feature prior to 10K followers, just read this post by CLICKING HERE!

Tip #4 Of Tactics To Kickstart Instagram Sales
~Lead With Value~

Lead with value, not just pitching. It’s very interesting, 30% of Instagram users have purchased a product that they first discovered on Instagram.

Lead with value

But they are honestly not there to shop, and you need to lead with value with your audience and respect that. You want to inspire, educate, or entertain your audience 80% of the time. So that when you finally do promote, the other 20% of the time, you’ve built up some of that know, like, and trust factor, with your people and they’re more willing to take the next step with you.

In addition, you’ll get some great engagement on those value-based posts. So Instagram will be showing all of your posts to more people, including the 20% that are promotional.

Tip #3 Of Tactics To Kickstart Instagram Sales
~Consistency Is Key~

consistency is key

Number three, consistency is key. The type of content that you are providing needs to be consistent!  Your content and your offer need be congruent or match/compliment one another. So with your offer, whatever info you have provided in your bio, and whatever link you're trying to drive people to.

I see people get this wrong all the time. They are posting about say, health and wellness, but the link they are trying to drive people to is about making money from home, or  something else that is completely inconsistent with the rest of what they’re doing. So be consistent.

Tip #2 Of Tactics To Kickstart Instagram Sales
~Your Bio Is Gold~

Number two, your bio is gold.

Gold balls and tassles

Your bio should be easy to quickly read. It should tell people exactly what they’re going to get by following you.

When people check out your profile, they will make up their mind if they’re going to follow you or not in just a couple of seconds. So keep it super simple.

Remember, that people really honestly don’t care much about you, but they care about themselves. So speak to them and what they will be getting or gaining from following your account.

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Tip #1 Of Tactics To Kickstart Instagram Sales
~Tell People The Specific Benefit~

Now finally, tip number one. You need to tell people the specific benefit that they will get for clicking on the link you have in your bio.

What's in it for me?

Tell them to actually click the link to get X. X being whatever benefit your link offers them. So many people miss this mark completely. Most people don’t have a call to action at all. They don’t actually tell people to click their link, and even if they do tell people to click their link, they don’t give them a good reason to do so.

Remember, people really only care about themselves, so tell them what benefit they will get when they click on that link.

Follow These 7 Steps

Now if you follow each of these seven steps, you can harness the power of Instagram to build brand awareness, to generate traffic, generate leads, and to make sales.

Which of these seven steps do you, personally, find most helpful? Any other tips that you would add to this list? Give me a shout in the comments and let me know your thoughts.

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