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Get Free Traffic By Ranking YouTube Videos [Part 2 of 4]

The tough part is how to rank YouTube videos? The main thing you gotta figure out as a beginner affiliate marketer is how to get enough interested people in front of your offer. Luckily, YouTube provides a huge opportunity for this. They can give you virtually unlimited traffic for your promotions if you are rank YouTube videos.

But, here’s the thing, you need to learn how to get YouTube to show your video to new people and there are some very important steps that you need to follow to get them to show your videos in front of the right people.

I’m going to walk you through exactly what you should be doing to get your videos to show up at the top of the search results.

This is the second post in a four-part series all about getting more views and traffic to your offers on YouTube.

In this video, I’m gonna be focused specifically on what is called the metadata, or the info details or settings that classify your video.

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We are going to be building on what we already covered in the last post that’s all about thumbnails and keyword research.

So, I’m going to assume that you know what keywords are and that you know how to do some basic keyword research. This research would to figure out what kind of content you want to create and what terms you want your content to show up for in the search results for YouTube.

If you haven’t read the first post in the series, and especially if you’re new to all of this and you haven’t watched it, you definitely need to start there first. Check it out at YouTube Thumbnail Hacks To Up Your Views.

Go ahead and jump over to that post and then head back over here to this post so you're all caught up.

Doing some basic keyword research is required before you start shooting a video so that you know what content you’re going to cover in the video.

Now here we’re gonna be picking up AFTER you’ve created your video. So, you’ve already shot the video and now we are gonna dive into what to do next.

CLICK on the video below to watch the full episode. I walk you through step-by-step so that you can see how I do things and where everything goes on YouTube.


Title Is First

Now your title is one of the very most important things when it comes to getting your content to rank.

One, because it can actually make people click on your video, if it’s a good title. It should be clickable, something that people want to check out. So that’s one reason, the more people will click on your video and check it out the more YouTube’s gonna like it and promote it for you in search results and possibly later as a suggested video.

And two, is because you want your keywords in your title and you actually want your keywords in your title as close to the front or the beginning of your title as possible.

So I’m going to start with just a keyword that I think I’m gonna go with. Then I’m gonna walk through some more extensive keyword research to explore so that we can maybe possibly add some additional keywords in the title, but definitely down in the tags as we get to that as well.

screenshot of youtube page showing title to rank youtube videos

My main phrase for keyword search is How To Get More Views on YouTube. So I'm gonna put that in my title and add little bar, and I’m gonna add a little bit more detail to that.....like 3 bonus tips.

Tags To Rank YouTube Videos

The next thing that I wanna do is really look at my tags and what do I really, really wanna rank for?

shows tags to rank youtube videos

In the pic above you will see where they go within YouTube.

If you've got TubeBuddy, they can actually suggest different tags for you.

Okay, we already know the main keyword that we want to use to rank YouTube videos. That will be the very first phrase that we have in the title, so I’m just gonna pop it in as my very first tag as well. So the pic above shows the tags box with my fist tag in it.

There’s a good tool that you should use, it’s free, whenever you’re trying to rank videos.

This is a great video, it’s got great content in it and you  really want people to see it, so take the time to go to www.answerthepublic.com and look for any additional tags or keywords that make sense for your video and are good keywords that you could rank for.

image of website answer the public

Simple, www.answerthepublic.com, there’s a really goofy guy (as you see above) that shows up on the page so that’s when you know that you’re in the right place. He’s here and he does weird things, like stare at you and stuff.

image showing where keywords go for search

I show in the picture above where we are gonna put in the main keyword that I know that I want to rank for.

And how do I know this main keyword? Just like I showed you in post/video one, that was simply from YouTube using Keywords Everywhere and TubeBuddy.

Now I’m gonna take that main one that I know I want to rank for, How To Get More Views On YouTube and enter and hit enter. It will take a minute to come up with its responses.

If we scroll down you’ll see ALLLL of this information here. To me this visualization is not very helpful so you can go up and switch over to data, as you see in the pic above.

keywords everywhere in light gray

This is AWESOME information. Because we have keywords everywhere we’re gonna get the search volume information in gray here on all of these topics as well. Also, noted in the image. This is where you can look to grab great tags or keywords that you can use for your videos. Based on the search volume.

The keyword that I’m already using, that’s the main keyword that I want to rank for but I’m gonna look through here. I’m looking for questions, things that people are searching for that have some volume to it and makes sense for my videos.

keywords questions to rank youtube videos

Here's one I can use, "how to get more views on YouTube for free." Well I’m definitely not teaching any paid strategies on this, so I’m gonna grab this. I’m actually gonna go and I’m gonna start filling up my tags on YouTube with this information.

So I just copy and pasted it there on YouTube and I’m gonna keep going. You only get 500 characters total for your tags, so keep that in mind and just look for the best things. Here's one, "How To Get More views on YouTube Cheat," sure. It’s not really cheating but that’s okay. So I grabbed one good one from the upper portion.

prepositions image

As seen in the picture, the next section looks at different prepositions. So the first one was looking at questions, this one is looking at prepositions. I grab a couple from the prepositions section.

alphabeticals image

Then I'm gonna head down to alphabeticals, which is very helpful, all the alphabetical options. I’m going to peruse through this information, "Best Way to Get More Views on YouTube." So I grab that.

Now I have quite a few more characters left in my tags and I’m not gonna put any of these in my title ‘cause that wouldn’t make any sense, right, I already have this one which is good and has high search numbers. You want your video titles to be very readable and appealing for people.

There is also a 'comparisons' section as you see in the pic below.

comparisons image

What I would do next, and I’m not gonna walk you guys through this a second time, but I would go back up to the top and hit "new search" and I would actually search this website again. I would search for something shorter, like "More YouTube Views" or "YouTube Views", just a different variation instead of the big long of "How To Get More Views on YouTube."

So I’ll save you from having to go through all that with me, but I did come up with some more tags in that process.

Nothing that I would actually add to my title, so I’m actually going to keep my title just the way it is. I'm going to change it from "3 Bonus Tips" to "3 Bonus Ranking Tips".

This is something that is pretty clickable, that people would want to click on and check it out. Now you can continue to rinse and repeat looking for additional keywords until you fill up this entire 500 characters.

You can also go to YouTube, search your top key phrase. The first video that pops up on the top, click on that. Once you're on that person's video, you can come down to where the tags are and gather some great info that way and scope out the competition's tags.

tags from someone else's video rank youtube videos

I’m going to get some really great information here on what tags they are using. It’s another way to come up with some new ideas and ways to come up with different tags. Now if you have TubeBuddy or VidIQ you can just copy this, hit 'copy to', click 'clipboard', go over to YouTube and paste. Voila! So this is how you come up with different tags. The image below shows where to copy the tags at.

where to copy tags at image

Description Needs Attention

On top of doing tags and making sure that you have your keywords in your title the next thing that you want to work on is your description. Your description is a big factor to rank YouTube videos.

image of description setting

I actually have a bunch of stuff defaulted in my description (see a portion of it above), it’s just in my default settings in YouTube, but I have to go in and do all of the details that are specific to this video.

title image

In the very first line or two of your description, think copywriting. Think like .... you’re sort of pitching people on why they should watch this video. Get a little creative, think to yourself, what’s the benefit to people or the benefit of watching this video.

Call To Action To Rank YouTube Videos

Now, the second thing, I want my call to action. If I have a specific link or something I’m pointing people to, an affiliate offer, maybe a free download, or whatever, that’s the second thing that I want in here.

You want everything important to be above the "fold". When you search YouTube videos, after the title, you only see about 2 lines of text. Also, when they are actually watching your video there is only a certain amount of lines before the "show more" words. Everything about that is above the "fold".

People are basically lazy and a lot of times they will not click on the "show more". So have the important stuff above that fold.

Everything else can be buried a little bit but this is the most important information, which should be right at the top. So you want any clickable link that you’re directing people to be available above the fold.

Okay, there is definitely more to do in the description. There’s a lot you can do with the description, different strategies and things. I’m just going to share with you what I’m doing and what’s working well for me.

I’m gonna grab the title and I always plop that in into the description and then I’ve got my subscribe link. Then right after my subscribe link I’m going to write about my video.

I’m just gonna talk about my video AND I’m gonna try to use as many keywords as possible while I’m writing my description. Now you don’t have to write a ton here but you do want to give some information and use the tags, use the keywords as much as you can or things that are very similar to the tags.

YouTube’s smart, you’re gonna figure that out. So putting keyphrases or your key tags in your description will help you rank YouTube videos easier.

Hashtags Up The Boost

Then I scroll all the way down to the bottom of my description and I’m going to add some hashtags. On this video, I just do #HowToGetMoreViewsOnYouTube.

hashtags image

These hashtags are sort of like the main keywords or things that you want to rank for. It’s another way that YouTube can classify videos. Do two or three at the very most and there we go.


I didn’t make you watch all of it in my video, but I did go through and do a few more searches on answerthepublic.com and on YouTube to fill up my tags and to get the very best ones that I could find.

My tags are at 500 of 500 so that’s GREAT! And actually doesn't happen very often. I’ve got my hashtags in my description. I’ve got my description itself, using many of the tags and keywords, I also have the keywords at the beginning of my title. With those things, you’re able to start ranking for those keywords within YouTube, especially for the less competitive things as you first get started.

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