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Work At Home Jobs | 5 Ways To Make Passive Income Online Taking Pictures

Wanna get paid for taking pictures? EXCELLENT! PERFECT! I’m going to show you 5 ways to make passive income online taking pictures.

Now selling pictures is a great way to build up a passive income stream. It’s passive because you do the work once, you take the picture, you upload it, et cetera, and then people ALL over the world can purchase and download that picture for a long to come.

So that way you can continue to be paid on the work you did ONCE.

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So why are people even wanting to buy photos online?

Honestly, it’s mostly because so many people these days in businesses are creating websites, blogs, ebooks, newsletters, and the like.

As a result, they need photos for them, and it’s way easier for a  company or a solo entrepreneur to find a photo that’s ready to go. They can buy it and use it right away instead of trying to schedule the photographer and schedule the shoot and all that kind of stuff.

Now, there are a few different methods for selling your photos online. One of the more common options is to use what’s called a microstock website.

These are very popular websites that get a ton of traffic, a ton of people going to those sites specifically looking to buy and download photos.

So you can upload your photos or videos to these types of sites and get paid whenever people are purchasing them.

While a microstock website often actually takes a lot of money for themselves, like 30 to 70% of the purchase price, it’s honestly a great place to get started.

All you have to do is worry about taking the pictures. They handle everything else, like actually getting traffic and people to check it out, handling the website logistics, and purchasing logistics, and everything else.

The first three options are different microstock websites that you can use.

#1 DreamsTime

Number one is called This is a great site to get you started making passive income online taking pictures.

image of dreamstime website for passive income online taking pictures

I went to check it out for you guys, and I already had an account. How funny is that? I must’ve created one years ago, because I had actually bought photos from them for a project I was doing. So I can vouch for it.

People really use it and are really making purchases on it. You can head to their website and explore the different types of photos and things that they offer to kinda get a feel for what they do.

As a creator, as someone who’d be taking the pictures, there’s some important things like money. How do they pay?

When people are actually purchasing your photos, you’re going to earn money from that. They pay out via Paypal, a prepaid Mastercard, or something called MoneyBrokers.

So the cashout threshold, though, is a $100. So you have to have several sales come through before they’re willing to actually send you the money. So keep that in mind.

screenshot of the app on a phone

They actually have a Sell Your Photos app that’s available on Android and on iOS.

So you can upload your pictures right there from you phone. I’ll have a link for DreamsTime and all of the websites that I go over today listed at the bottom of the post.

So you can just click on them an check them out.

#2 Shutterstock

Number two is shutterstock. This is another microstock website that allows you to make passive income online taking pictures.

It's a massive website, tons of traffic. A lot of people going there and searching for pictures, videos, and even music that they can purchase and use.

shutterstock image for passive income online taking pictures

It’s a great place to earn money by selling what’s considered stock photos. On top of selling pictures, you can sell videos AND you can even sell originally created music tracks.

Besides just uploading pictures that you’ve already created, they also have something that’s called Shutterstock Custom.

This is where big brands will actually make a request for something specific. As a photographer, you can go to Shutterstock Custom.

You can actually see what those requested jobs are. If it’s something that you’re up for then you can actually take that project and actually get paid directly for that.

They also have another branch that’s called Offset by Shutterstock, and this is a much more artistic type of photography that you can offer there.

They are going to offer payments through Payoneer, PayPal, or Skrill. When it comes to making money, you will earn 30 cents up to a couple of dollars per download. You can earn 20 to 30% of a purchase if they’re buying the rights to the photos and 30% of purchases for video clips.

#3 123RF

Number three is another microstock website, 123RF, from the link I've given you below, you’re gonna have a button right up at the top where you can sign up as a contributor.

123RF logo image passive income online taking pictures

You will earn 30 to 60% for each photo license sold, and they pay through PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, or if you’re in China, Alipay.

They actually do their payouts on the 15th or later every month IF you meet the required threshold.

In US dollars, that requirement is $50 a month. If you earned $50 the previous month, then by the 15th or later of the next month you will actually get paid out through whatever payment option you selected.

#4 Visual Society

Now the fourth option for passive income online taking pictures, is to create your very own online store with something like Visual Society.

visual society website image passive income online taking pictures

I’ve got the link down below for you to check it out.

They do have a basic FREE plan that you can start with, but I think it’s only six pictures that they allow you to offer on the free site.

So obviously not something that you would use long term, but even their pro site, their top plan, is only $25 a month.

The positive side of something like Visual Society, where you’re running your own online store, is that you get 100% of the sale. A big microstock website doesn’t take a big cut of it for themselves. So that’s really good.

Now the con of it is that those microstock sites are HUGE. They have a TON of traffic. People coming specifically to look to purchase photos.

If you’re doing your own store, you've got to figure out a way to generate that traffic or get people looking for your photos.

You've got to bring them to your store. Honestly it's a bit of a learning curve and something that is a slow process and takes time.

#5 Create Your Own WordPress Website & Sell Media Plugin

The fifth option actually allows you, as well, to make 100% of the sale yourself.

wordpress logo image passive income online taking pictures

You basically can set up your own WordPress website and use a plugin like Sell Media to sell your photos.

The positive side is that you don’t have the subscription fee that you would with something like Visual Society.

sell media plugin passive income online taking pictures

You’re still going to run into the same issue of getting people to your site, getting enough traffic to actually make any sales.

So you’re going to have to learn how to market yourself, to market your website. Like working to find influencers to work with, social media marketing, search engine optimization, et cetera.

Again, this is a process that can take a long time to learn and to implement and get results.


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#1 DreamsTime
#2 Shutterstock
#3 123RF 
#4 Visual Society
#5 WordPress Website

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