Instagram Trick To Apply Filters Without Posting

Insta Hacks to Apply Filters

Now, don’t we all love our Instagram programs that let us schedule our posts or even auto-post for us? But, honestly, there’s a problem. How do you add Instagram filters when programs, like Planoly or Hootsuite, are doing the posting for you? Or maybe you don’t even want to post it on Instagram at all, but you want the filter applies to a picture you’ve taken. Well, I have an Instagram trick for applying filters without actually posting to your account.

Today, I’m going to show you a super simple work around to solve this problem for you.

Yes, there are all kinds of photo editing apps out there that let you apply filters. But, honestly, I’ve never liked most of their filters as much as I like the filters right within Instagram.

I mean, I seriously love the Juno filter. I just really like the filter. It makes my photos pop, but not like everyone else’s . I’ve just never found another filter that I liked as much as Juno. If you are reading this post you may also have a go-to favorite filter within Instagram that you really like.

So if a program, like Planoly or Hootsuite, is auto-posting for you, how do you apply the Instagram filters that you love?

Well, I did a little digging and I found out that people had been able to recreate the same effects within Photoshop. But, seriously? That’s a lot of effort for just a single photo within Instagram. It’s truly not worth it.

So here’s a work around, an Instagram trick, that lets you get your filter-perfect pics super quick. AND, if you’re looking for how to auto-post and schedule and all of that. Watch for videos coming up on that subject.

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Now, to start this Instagram trick, turn your mobile device to airplane mode so you’re not connected to the internet. This is usually in your settings under connections. I can access mine from my notifications bar at the top of my phone by swiping down. Then click on airplane mode and it should be turned on.

ariplane mode off to on image instagram trick

Then pull up the photo that you want to use, just pull it up like a new Instagram post.

open app and open pic image

Now, here you can select the filter that you want to use and continue through the screens like you’re just gonna post it on Instagram.

Don’t worry about writing a caption or doing anything else, all you wanna do is make sure that you choose the filter that you wanna use.

IT WILL NOT POST. Okay? It will not post, because you’re on airplane mode, but it will, however, save the photo to your phone. If you don’t have the setting selected to Save Photos to Phone, you’re going to need to update that as well, but most of us tend to already have this on. Otherwise, this can be done in your Instagram settings, under Original Posts. Mine was defaulted to this, so you should be set.

no caption choose 3 dots click discard image

So within Instagram you’re gonna see that it’s trying to upload, that it will upload to Instagram when you get connected back to the internet. So simply cancel that, click the three dots on the side of it, cancel that so that it doesn’t actually upload it, which is Discard Post.

check photos and photo in gallery image

And now you’ll find it in your gallery or wherever you look for your pictures housed within your phone. So, you can turn airplane mode back off, after you’ve canceled the upload, and you can go on to schedule it in Planoly, Hootsuite, Jarvee, or wherever you like.

So now you’re all set. So, tell me…..are you gonna use this little Instagram trick to apply filters to your photos that you want to auto-schedule?

Are you going to just use these to apply to photos that you don’t want on Instagram at all?

Shoot me a comment to let me know if this tip was helpful and how you plan to use it. What Instragram trick do you have for your photos? Also comment with any Instagram questions you may have or info that you would like to see a video/post on.

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