How To Use A Landing Page for Marketing!

How To Use A Landing Page For Marketing!

You wanna generate leads for your business 24/7 while you eat, sleep, play, lay out on the beach?

Then you’re going to need a landing page to collect each lead’s information. If you set that up and have it available on the internet then you can be sleeping while people are opting in and giving you their contact information in order to generate leads.

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In this article, you’re going to learn exactly what landing pages are, how they work, why you need them, and how to start setting this up so that you can have automation up the wazoo in your business.

I’m going to talk about the what, why, and how to use landing pages or capture pages in your business for automation purposes.

Landing Page Or Capture Page?

First, a lot of people use these interchangeably but they are slightly different with a lot of similarities. They are created to help your audience get the information they need to help them.

A capture page does just that, captures your audiences information, email, name, phone, etc in exchange for the information they are looking for to help them.

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A landing pages, usually on your website, or possibly the page prior to your capture page, is meant to give helpful information and instructs your audience regarding their next move, which might be opting into a capture page or it might be to download a PDF, etc, but a landing page itself is usually not gathering information.

Most people when they mention a landing page or capture page seem to be using them interchangeably, but I just wanted clarify really quickly that they are slightly different. They even are called lead pages and squeeze pages. So, for the sake of ease, I will calling them landing pages in this article.

No matter what marketing strategy you’re using to grow your business online, there’s one specific thing that you’re going to need across the board no matter what you’re doing. A landing page.

So, no matter the term used, you will be using them in your business for the same purpose, to capture your audience’s information.

What Is A Landing Page?

Now, what is a landing page? A landing page is a specific website that’s used to collect your leads’ information, typically their name and email address. You can also have a phone number field on there and you can ask specific questions if it fits with your business or what your offer is.

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With your landing page, this is how you build your email list. Email marketing is awesome. You’re able to build a list of people who are likely interested in your offer and market to them over and over again.

This is money in the bank, essentially, and you will get to the point that you can send an email and make money. {{Poof!}} It works really slick. It’s a nice asset to have in your business, to have an email list that you’re building long-term.

Quick note, if you’re doing network marketing, multi-level marketing, that sort of thing, and you’re looking to recruit people into a team, you definitely want to make sure that your landing pages have a field for phone numbers.

Typically, having a field for phone number is going to mean that less people actually opt into it. However, if you’re network marketing, you need to call your leads in order to get recruits. It’s a relationship-based business. It’s just the way it is.

So yes, you may get fewer people to actually fill out the form, but those people who do fill out the form are more interested, which means they’re a higher quality lead. Which is GREAT! Make sure that if you do that kind of business that you have a field for phone number.

If you’re in some other small business, construction or something like that, you can definitely just have a form to fill out for people who want a bid. This is where they give you some information like what the job is that their looking to have completed, and they submit it to you, you can review it, and you can reach out to them to schedule a time to go out and look at it.

There’s a huge variety of what these landing pages can be used for. They can be as simple as a Contact Us form. And they give you their information so you can reach out to them. It can be as complex as a full sales funnel that starts with your landing page.

So, what’s a sales funnel?

You can read more about sales funnels here. But a short description is a sales funnel is where your customer is opting into a page, so you can generate the lead, but then it follows them or guides them through a process where they’re going to be exposed to your offer, whatever that is, and kinda whittle down, funnel down so to speak, to people who are actually willing or ready to buy and they’re offered the opportunity to buy. That’s a sales funnel.

Call To Action (CTA)

You want to use your landing page, whatever it is as your call to action, or CTA, across the internet, no matter where you are. So if you do Instagram, in your Instagram website field should be your landing page, not just your generic website where people can snoop around and maybe find something or not.

a white background with a hand writing on a clear board the words call to action in black and a red underline

You want to give them a specific reason to click on that link. No matter what the purpose of your landing page is, you want to collect that lead up front. So you’re collecting people off of social media, putting them into your database, putting them into your email list so you can market to them over time.

What about Twitter? Absolutely, you want to put this in your Twitter bio. You want this available there. Also, in your pin Tweet that you have up on Twitter as well.

Facebook ads, if you’re going to boost a post or something in Facebook, you want to make sure that you’ve got the link for them to click and then you’re telling them to click it and why they should click it.

This is your CTA, or Call To Action, so that you’re driving people to where you collect their info.

Use CTAs in your emails. Once you start building that email list, when you have different landing pages, different offers, you’re able to write an email to someone, or to your list, and then they opt in for some other sort of offer and they start another sales funnel or whatever you have to offer. You they can be potentially linked to many different sales funnels.

Blog posts, videos, whatever content that you’re creating, you want to give them all specific CTA’s, Call To Actions, and those CTAs should be landing pages so that you’re actually collecting their info and building your list. This is a really sweet process.

Why Do Landing Pages Work?

Alright, why do landing pages work? Why do people use them? Because they’re total leverage. They work for you 24/7.

So on your Instagram account, you’ve got the landing page link there 24/7, whether you’re on Instagram or not, people can find that link, they click on it, they opt in, and you’re generating leads……24/7.

Now if automation and generating leads 24/7 sounds really good to you, awesome, so do I. That’s why people like the internet, because you can automate. This is the tool that you need to do that, though, guys. One of the most important tools in your online marketing are your landing pages.

The alternatives? Say you don’t have a landing page. What does that mean? Well, you can have a Call Me button on your website, if you’re a home business and hope they call you. Keeping in mind that people are very unlikely to all you.

People tend to take the path of least resistance, and if they can just fill out a form online and get the information that they want, they’re much more happy to do that, or to just be able to snoop around after they give you their information. They are much more likely to do that than to call you.

You can say Message Me, and you can move everybody over to whatever platform you’re on and you can tell them to message you, but guess what? Now you’re stuck, attached to social media all day long, responding to people’s messages. And, if you take a break? Take a vacation? You’re sick? And so on. All of those messages just pile up, and you’re potentially missing out on leads for your business.

What I really like to do is to lead with pure value. Something that’s valuable enough that people want to give you their contact information for it. So that could be anything that is valuable to your customers. Say you’re a traditional business, a coupon code would work great. You know, 10% off your full vent cleaning, or whatever.

Say you’re an exercise coach, so fitness buff kinda thing, you can have some sort of video training or PDF download. Like the five exercises you can do while sitting at your desk at work to help you get ready for summer. Sounds great, right?

If it’s something that people would like, they’re going to give you their contact information to get it. And, now you’re building a list of people that are likely to be interested in your offer. So you’ve gotta make sure that it’s in line with what you’re offering.

It can be totally separate from what you offer. You just want to make it congruent with your offer, so same/same. Like your valuable free content is a PDF to get leads fast, and funnels to an offer for a marketing online course. Both thinks are same/same or congruent, or related to doing business online. But these things need to be congruent so that you’re building a list of interested or likely interested people in your offer.

Now every successful online marketer today leverages landing pages. It’s the most required tool to automate your business. So how do you get started? How do you actually set this thing up?

My Lead System Pro

Well, first you have to select the tool that you wish to use. I typically recommend two options for people. My first recommendation is My Lead System Pro, or MLSP. Just click on My Lead System Pro to learn more. If that’s something that sounds really good to you and you want to take a look at that, you can definitely check that out.This is especially good for people who are in the home business industry. Yes, these are my affiliate links, so be sure to read the disclaimers below.

black box with the words my lead system pro creating tomorrow’s leaders today

If you have a home business, if you work online, perfect. MLSP is going to be a really good fit for you because it has, along with the capture pages, the landing pages that you can use and create, it’s got some great training in it as well to really teach you how to be a great marketer and get great results. It has some done-for-you lead magnets, which makes your job easier, and you can get started generating leads right away.


Now the other one that I recommend is Click Funnels (click here to learn more). Now Click Funnels is kind of a broader reach. It’s not as focused on home business necessarily.

a white background with a blue and red cog wheel, the click funnels logo

A lot of traditional businesses use it as well, and it can integrate with credit card processing services also. So if you want to sell something directly in a sales funnel, you need to integrate that with a credit card processing service, and Click Funnels does that, which is awesome.

You can also upgrade and get into where you offer a membership site, which is another great feature if you decide you wanna go that way in your business. So it’s another great thing.

Typically, if you’re a little more advanced in your marketing, or you know the direction that you want to go and you want to get into creating your own offers and selling directly through your sales funnels, then Click Funnels may be a better choice for you.

But they’re similarly priced, with similar price points. You can explore which one is the best fit for your business.

Cheaper Options

Now I have had people reach out to us and they just can’t afford a capture page service, and they found things like Mailer Lite or

I’m definitely not recommending those things. I’ve never explored them, I’ve never looked at them. In general, you get what you pay for, right? So if it’s free, it’s probably going to be clunky.

You’re probably going to be limited on what you can do. You may be able to get it to do mostly what you want it to do, but not everything you want it to do.

Remember, in a business, your time is precious, and so for me, personally, it’s always been more valuable to get the right tool for the right job. Even before I was making good money, I made that choice, and I have always invested in me and my business.

It tends to save headaches down the road. But I also realize for some people, it’s just not something you can get started with right away, so you can explore some of the free options as well.

Patience Is A Virtue

Regardless, whatever service you use, be patient with yourself AND go through their tutorial videos. Understand that you’re learning a brand new skill, and give yourself the allowance to actually learn it and to make mistakes.

a note paper that says good things take time

Don’t say something like, “I’m giving myself one day to get this set up.” No. Man, be real people. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Go through the training. It’s going to take as long as it takes. That’s okay. You’re learning a new skill. Sometimes, practice and mistakes is the best way to learn, so be patient and allow yourself time to get this right.


If all of that scares you to death. The thought of creating a funnel, learning how to do all of that, and set it all up yourself. Maybe you’re not techy, maybe you just don’t have the time to do that sort of thing, or time to dedicate to learning that sort of thing.

If you’re more of the done-for-you type person and you want to automate as much as possible in your business, not only just automate the lead generation but the sales as well, then you need to check out my number one recommendation for affiliate marketers. Just click here to learn more. They have great done-for-you systems to get you making money fast.

Please know that I am in your corner and on your side and I am here to help YOU create the time freedom AND financial freedom that you and your family deserve.

Here’s to your success!
I’ll see you soon!
Suzanne Perkins

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