How To Promote And Syndicate Your YouTube Videos

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Getting views on your YouTube videos can be really tough when you’re just getting started so you definitely want to use all the weapons in your arsenal. So, you definitely want to learn how to promote and syndicate your YouTube videos.

I’m going to walk you through how to effectively promote and syndicate your YouTube videos so that you can get more views. But, also get an initial bump in the YouTube algorithm by getting more views right upfront when you publish your video.

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You may not realize it, but YouTube will reward you for an initial bump in views right after you publish a video. Even if they come from another site. YouTube is more likely to rank your video, even if for just part of the day, initially so you definitely want to leverage any audiences that you have online to drive initial traffic to your video.

Now let’s talk about exactly how and where to promote or syndicate your videos.

Email Your List

email your list to promote and syndicate your youtube videos

First, as digital marketers, you should all be building your email list. This is usually done by offering something of value, like a PDF download, a video, or whatever, in exchange for their email address. Now whether this email list has 20 people on it or 20,000 people on it, you should email your list every time you release a new video. This really helps you promote and syndicate your YouTube videos.

Personally? I like to schedule my videos to be published at the same time every day. At the moment, right now, that’s 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

I actually schedule all of this the day before. Usually I schedule a video to publish AND I also write my email promoting it and actually schedule the email to go out at 10:02 am Eastern Standard Time. So my email is scheduled for just two minutes after I publish my video.

Now don’t get worried about what to actually write. It’s super easy. Keep it simple at the beginning and you’ll continue to develop your email marketing skills over time. But you can start out with just keeping it to a few short words, inviting them to check it out.

So something like "how would you like to grow your Instagram account by 2,000 followers this month, organically, free, and with real followers? Great! Click here to check out today’s video teaching you just that."

That’s just a few sentences long. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Don’t over complicate it. On top of getting more initial views on your video you’re also going to be nurturing your email list and serving them which is going to get them ready to purchase if you put an offer in front of them. It definitely has multiple benefits to it.

Facebook Messenger Bot

facebook messenger bot image to promote and syndicate your youtube videosThe second place I promote my videos is actually my Facebook messenger bot list. I have a segment of my list that has indicated that they want to receive every single piece of new content that I create. Even Daily. Which means I can shoot them a short message inviting them to check out the video and I provide a button at the end of the message that will take them directly to that YouTube video.

Blog Post to Promote and Syndicate Your YouTube Videos

blog post imageThird, do you have a blog? You should. While you don’t need it right at the beginning when you’re getting started, you should definitely put it on the to-do list when you have time. You need to have your own blog.

Your own website is the one place online that you actually own that can’t be taken away from you like this channel or a social media account can.

When you have your own blog, you should create a new blog post and embed your video whenever you create a new video. Doing so is really threefold.

First, you’re syndicating your video onto your blog and potentially getting more views on YouTube from people that follow you or are checking out your blog.

Secondly, you’re building up the content of your blog. Since it’s the one place online that you own, you should take care of it and put good content on it.

And, thirdly, you’re actually showing YouTube that your video has been embedded in a website and they see this as a backlink and this is helpful for the YouTube algorithm.

Facebook Post

facebook post imageFourth, do you have a business page on Facebook or a network of friends on your personal profile?


Either way, you can quickly create a post promoting your video and providing the link to go check it out. You get more reach on that post if you actually put the link as a comment on the post and not in the post itself because Facebook doesn’t like links in the actual posts. So that’s a little bonus tip for you.

Tweet On Twitter

tweet on twitter imageFifth, do you have a Twitter account? Tweet it out. Promoting YouTube videos through Twitter is a great strategy. It was huge in helping me to get my first subscribers.

Post On Instagram

instagram post image to promote and syndicate your YouTube videosNumber six, I've got an Instagram account. Do you have over 10,000 followers? You should definitely create a story promoting your video and honestly, I just use the thumbnail for my video as my story image and then I tell them to swipe up to access. I link the YouTube video as URL for the story and voila. I’m promoting and driving traffic to my video.

Now this particular functionality is only available if you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram, but you can also promote it on your Instagram feed if you don’t have that functionality yet.

You can still use the thumbnail photo but you’ll have to tell them to go to your channel, which is hopefully something easy that they can type out or you can swap out the link in the bio for the day to link directly to the video. Because if you put the link in the caption of your post it’s not clickable on Instagram.

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Quora to Promote and Syndicate Your YouTube Videos

quora logo image

Number seven, another great website that you can use to syndicate your videos is called Quora.

This is a website where people ask question and other people answer those questions.

When you post a video you can head over to Quora and find one or two questions that your video answers. Simply write up a short answer and direct them to your video, pasting the full URL of the video.

This will embed your video right into your answer. Not only are you able to get some additional views from people seeing your answers but you’re also creating another backlink which YouTube likes and it may help you rank your video. Which helps to promote and syndicate your YouTube videos.

Reddit Post

reddit logo imageAnd last, number eight, head over to Reddit and make a post.

You can post on your profile page OR you can find a sub-reddit to post your video in. You create a short description of your video, maybe answering a question, and put the full link in your post/answer.

As mentioned above, this again is another backlink and YouTube will favor this in their algorithm. Which in turn will help you promote your video faster.


Now, doing these simple little steps to boost your videos, especially when you are brand new, can make all the difference in the world.

If you get a good push right away when you publish your videos, YouTube can end up promoting it for you by putting it in front of NEW people and growing your audience for you.

If you’ve put time into creating your video, just put in a little more time and promote and syndicate your YouTube videos.

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