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Get More Views and Sales | 3 Bonus Ranking Tips [Part 3 of 4]

Welcome to video three of my four-part series all about getting you more traffic to your affiliate marketing offers so that you can make more sales. Which ultimately means you need more YouTube views.

Now YouTube provides a huge opportunity with virtually unlimited traffic, getting interested people in front of your offers.

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I’m going to be giving you three bonus tips to help your videos show up at the top of the search results within YouTube.

Now know that these are the bonus tips, that you can add these to the core strategies that you should already be doing to get ranked within YouTube. And, you should know what those are if you’ve seen the previous two posts in this series.

Unless you are an advanced YouTuber, if you haven’t seen those two videos/posts first you need to start there. I suggest CLICKING HERE to jump to that first post about thumbnail hacks and keyword research.

Now here are three little tips that can possibly give you just a little more juice to rank with competitive keywords within YouTube.

Tip #1
Video File Name Includes Keywords

include keywords on file name uploaded to youtube for youtube viewsThe first tip is to make sure that the video file itself, before you upload it to YouTube, already has the keywords in the file name. So this is really simple, you don’t even need to know all of the keywords you wan to try to rank for before you render a video.

I usually start with just knowing the one main keyword that I want to rank for and then I get my video shot and I edit it and then I start the rendering processes. As it’s rendering, I head over to YouTube and to figure out if there are any secondary keywords I want to use. If I find something I want to use, I just edit the file name after the video has finished rendering BUT before I upload it to YouTube.

Tip #2
Get CC & Rename With Keywords

image for cc file rename and youtube viewsThe second tip is to get closed captioning for your video and to get YouTube views. It’s crazy time intensive for the average person to do this yourself and it’s only a $1 per minute with One simple way to help with YouTube views.

So, I highly suggest just heading over to and paying them to do it, it’s much, much easier. So the first time you use them you simply need to create an account and then attach your account to your YouTube channel.

Then right after you publish your video, simply head over to and order a caption for the video. They will even automatically upload the caption file directly to YouTube when it’s finished, voila, it’s there already to go.

Now what you do on top of that is that once you get the email from saying that the caption file is ready, simply head back into YouTube to edit the name of the caption file. This is a sneaky way to get in those keywords there one more time.

In general, you don’t want to edit the video after it has been published as this can kinda reset any of the ranking that it may have, but there are a few things you can do that won’t affect the ranking, things like editing your captions, changing your thumbnails, info cards, or end screens.

So from your content page with your videos, click on the pencil to edit. Up near video details, click more options, and down under original video language, click the blue subtitles. Then over next to published, click the three vertical dots and click on edit on classic studio. Once there, click the drop down arrow by actions and click to rename.

If your file from has not been uploaded yet then there will not be an option to rename the file. That means the file that is there is the automatic file from YouTube and you can't rename that one. When you see the option to rename the subtitle file then go ahead and do so. Just rename your closed captioning file with your keywords. I just simply copy and paste the video title here since it has my keywords already in it.

Tip #3
Rename Thumbnail With Keywords

thumbnail with keywords imageAnd Finally, tip number three is to rename your thumbnail file with your keywords for those YouTube views. Again, I simply copy and paste the video title as it already has my keywords in it.

Now remember, just trying to do these three things and nothing else, it’s not gonna rank your videos. These are things you can ADD to the CORE ranking strategies just to get a little more, a little bump to your video. So make sure that you watch the first two videos in this series if you haven’t yet done so.

If you have any more tips personally on what you do to rank your videos, please share in the comments. Learning how to rank videos is an incredibly valuable skill as you can really drive quality traffic to any offer that you have.

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