Earn $100+ Per Day, No Experience

2 Affiliate Marketing Programs That Pay $100+ A Day No Experience

Do you want to earn $100+ per day with no experience? When you’re just beginning affiliate marketing, it’s extremely important to find the right offers to promote.

If you have no previous experience OR just not previous success, you will start earning more quickly with certain offers.

These offers will truly help you succeed and help you earn that $100+ per day, with no experience, as quickly as possible. Helping you to reach your income goals ASAP.

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Part of reaching your goals as soon as possible is being able to make real money, a $100+ per day without any experience whatsoever.

This is exactly how I got my business started and off the ground.

I’m going to give you two of the very BEST affiliate marketing programs that pay out a $100 per day or MORE even without experience.

Four Key Components To Look For

I'm going to walk you through the four key components that you need to look for in any good affiliate marketing program IF you want to make full-time income as soon as possible.

Component #1: Fully Digital

The first component, that makes both of these programs GREAT offers to help you earn $100+ per day, is that they are fully digital products.

an image of woman doing digital things on laptopThis means that nothing physical has to be manufactured and shipped out to a person who’s purchasing. They can access the information, content, or service digitally.

Why is this important?

When it’s a digital product you can typically earn 30 to 50% of the sales price as an affiliate.

Which means you can earn $100+ per day with just one $200 sale. Digital products can pay out a lot more because they are inexpensive for the product owner to deliver the product to the customer.

Just think for a moment about the physical products. You have ALL of the manufacturing costs, import fees, warehousing costs, taxes, shipping, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

That is EXACTLY why you typically earn 5 to 7% of the price of the product when you refer people to a physical product.

If you make a $200 sale on a physical product, you would only make about $10 at the 5% rate. Meaning you'd have to make ten sales a day.

This would require a lot more traffic to the offer, making a lot more work for you.

To get to your income goals fastest, look for digital products.

Component #2: Low Entry Point Offers

The second component, to look for in a GREAT affiliate program to help you earn $100+ per day, is low entry point offers.

low risk entry points image

Low cost trials or memberships for people to get started. That makes it easier to get people to pull the trigger and make sales.

BUT, also that their main offers are really mid- to upper-range, at least over a $100.

Why is that?

Because if you want to make good money right away, you want to be able to do it with just a sale or two a day.

I’m not going to spend my time trying to sell a $10 product, even if it’s digital. I don’t want to earn only $5 per sale.

It’s so much better to sell a $100 product and make $50 or more yet, a $1000 product and make $500 from one sale.

You can’t argue with those numbers.

Component #3: Teaches How To Succeed

The third component, to help you earn $100+ per day, is that the program teaches you exactly how to be successful.

teaches success imageThat is a requirement if you don’t already have experience. It should be a program that has GREAT training that teaches you EXACTLY how to successfully market online.

BETTER STILL, is that the training is part of what the program offers the customers that you are referring to it. Then you can speak, firsthand, at how great the program really is, how great the product is.

This really makes training programs a great affiliate offer for new, beginner affiliate marketers that don’t already have previous experience.

You become a product of the product and can easily speak to your audience. You can share tidbits about what you’re learning with them in order to grow your audience, attract people, and get interested people checking out your offer.

Component #4: Done-For-You Marketing

Before we get to the specific programs that offer all these components.....

The fourth and final component, to help you earn $100+ per day,  that you need to look for in a GREAT affiliate program, is that they provide great done-for-you marketing.

done for you marketing image

As someone without any previous experience or success, you want to be handed great marketing that’s going to work for you. That way you can simply work on learning how to get people in front of the offer.

Then their marketing takes care of actually making the sales.

This will come in the form of great sales funnels, that use great marketing techniques.

Marketing techniques that:

✔️ Creates Curiosity

It creates curiosity on the landing page and collects their information before giving away too much info.

✔️  Sales Funnel/Value Ladder

With a great converting funnel that actually makes sales.

✔️ Done-For-You Email Series

And, a done-for-you email series are also very helpful.

Finding a program that has all four of these components is often easier said than done. But, doing so is crucial to creating success fast when you’ve just started affiliate marketing.

Specific Programs That Meet The 4 Components

For the specific programs that will get you to a $100 per day or MORE, the very first program is called Legendary Marketer.Legendary marketer logoWhich is run by my good friend, David Sharpe. It’s an online training program that focuses on teaching people and helping people learn how to be successful with affiliate marketing.

It helps with branding, teaching folks how to create their own digital products, and offering their own live Masterminds or events.

Does that hit all four of the requirements for a great program? Absolutely!!

✔️ Digital Products

The products are digital and also provide great commissions. They also have a great variety of price points on their offers.

✔️ Low Entry Point Offers

It has a great value ladder, starting with low-end, front-end offers. While offering more and more higher value, higher priced products to happy customers.

Finding a good affiliate marketing program that has an awesome value ladder is a MASSIVE win.

It allows you to only focus on just driving traffic to the low-end offers. You can continue to make high-end commissions, as their system and marketing takes care of the rest.

Imagine simply offering people a $30 up-front training, and then you start seeing high-end commissions of several thousands of dollars ongoing. That just come in on their own.

It really doesn’t get any better than that. That is why I love this program.  IT IS exactly why it’s my NUMBER ONE recommendation for people without experience or previous success.

You definitely owe it to yourself to check it out and see if it’s a good fit for you.

I got it, just click the top link at the bottom of this post to get more information on it.

✔️ Teaches Success/Great Training

The training it provides is GREAT! It’s a great product!

The training itself can stand alone as something that can truly help people. Therefore, people are just constantly purchasing.

✔️ Done-For-You Marketing/Email Series

The program has some of the very best done-for-you marketing that I have ever seen. It is MASTERFUL.

It provides great capture pages, great sales funnels, and a great follow-up email series. All that are second to none.

It makes it much easier for a brand new person to succeed than in almost any other program.

Alright, so the second program that I highly, highly recommend and love for helping you earn $100+ per day, is called My Lead System Pro or MLSP for short.MLSP logoThis is both, a marketing and training program. Most importantly, it's a program that provides tools to online marketers.


People get both great training and the tools that they need to create a massively successful business.

They get.....

✔️ Custom Pages

Customizable drag and drop capture pages.

✔️ Blog Hosting

Blog website hosting.

✔️ Free Giveaways

Free giveaways to build your email list.

✔️ CRM

A CRM to manage your leads.

✔️ Membership Site

Now.....even your own membership sites so that you can offer your own digital courses.

On top of all of that, it has a great community that I absolutely LOVE. It hits all the checkboxes as well.

All digital? ✔️ Check.

It has fully digital products.

Low entry point offers? ✔️Check.

It has a $10 trial offer.

Teaches you how to be successful? ✔️ Check.

Absolutely fabulous training.

Done-For-You Marketing? ✔️ Check.

It has done-for-you marketing sales funnels, email follow-up series, and live webinars.

I love the residuals from MLSP, because, yes, their main offer starts with a $10, ten-day trial, but when people continue on to the monthly subscription for $150, you earn a $100 the very first month that they pay that.

Then ongoing every single month, residually, you’re going to earn between $50 - $75 every single month on that on one monthly subscription.

Since they provide the tools that people need to create a successful online business, people who are serious about building an online business, keep paying month after month, year after year.

Truly I feel that Legendary Marketer and MLSP are a great one, two punch.

Legendary provides great training and has a beautiful value ladder for high-end commissions AND MLSP has the tools that marketers need to be successful. They go hand-in-hand.

So make sure to click the top link at the bottom of this post to take a closer look at Legendary Marketer.

If you’re already a part of the Legendary Marketer community and you’d like to take a closer look at MLSP, as an awesome complement to what you’re already doing, I will have a link to check on MLSP just underneath the Legendary Marketer link.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing and especially if you are brand new and haven’t been able to create success yet, you owe it to yourself to check these out.

You can finally set yourself up for success. Just click the links at the bottom of this post.

Please note that I am in corner and on your side. I am here for you, to help you create the time freedom AND financial freedom that you and your family deserve.

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Legendary Marketer - https://onlinebusinessbuilderchallenge.com/enter/enroll?aid=29784&tid=blog

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) - http://suzanneperkins.topearnerstrategy.org/

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