5 TIPS TO MAKE MORE MONEY | with Affiliate Marketing

5 Tips to Make More Money with Affiliate Income

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Today I actually want to talk about 5 ways that you can make more money with your affiliate income.

When I started with affiliate marketing I was making like zero dollars for a LONG time. I was not making any money with my affiliate income. Zero.

Well actually, it was a couple of pennies here and a couple of pennies there. Like 25 cents for a click or 50 cents for a click, maybe even a $1 for a quality lead, and, seriously?

It was not a lot of money, of course, because you have to hit a certain cap and I didn’t hit that cap for a long time. Then once I started to make a little bit of money with affiliate income it was like I was getting $25 every other month or every third month or so.

So, it was actually taking me a while to make money with affiliate marketing.

But that was then and this is now. And, I feel like I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way and I want to share them with you guys so that you can boost your affiliate marketing sales which boosts your income and you can then make even more money than before.

So let’s go ahead and get into the 5 tips that I have for you.

Tip #1

The first tip that I wanna give you is to actually write content that is specific to the link that you want to promote.

So let’s say that you have a product that you really love. Let’s say it’s a plug-in that you absolutely love for your WordPress website. You are an affiliate for them and you want to promote it on your blog, Youtube, FB, IG, wherever.

How would you do that?

Well you would write a specific post or piece of content about that product, about that plug-in, that you are recommending.

Now, the way that you would do that is by creating a tutorial, a how-to, or doing like a “case study” and showing how it has helped you.

In a sense.... how you have seen results. That kind of blog or video post would be extremely informative. So writing that kind of content, very specific to each kind of affiliate links that you have, is huge bonus if you want to start making money with that link.

Now, it’s not just enough to write one piece of content about your affiliate link. You actually need to write or create several different pieces of content that include your affiliate link, but that’s just a good starting point.

So start with a go-to-guide or a how-to that people can really use. Which will promote them to click on your link wanting to find out more and hopefully sign-up and you get some sales.

Tip #2

Now, going right along with number one is tip #2 and it’s actually to create EVERGREEN content that you can promote and make last for a long time.

What is evergreen content?

It is content that you create once, and it stays out there and usable forever, it lives on forever.

So it’s not like “breaking news, Instagram had an update”, that kind of content would only be relevant for a month or two, because let’s be real, Instagram changes a lot.

But if you write something that is a how-to guide to Instagram stories, that may last quite a bit longer, because it’s nothing too specific. It’s not like “breaking news”.

So evergreen content is something that can last for years and years down the road and people are still going to find it helpful. That’s what evergreen content is.  And that’s the kind of content you should be creating for your affiliate links.

So in one of my pieces of content that I’m working on right now, is about creating your email list and the importance of creating that list.

Did I say you should be creating your email list?

Well you should!! But, in that content I actually included an affiliate link and I recommended the affiliate links that I’m an affiliate for, like an email autoresponder and a sales funnel creator.

It’s GREAT!! Why? Because one, it really focuses on that product and it’s kinda like a case study showing them exactly how it worked for me and it’s kinda like a go-to guide too, like a variety of things in one but it’s also evergreen.

So that information is going to last for a long time. I can continue to promote that content and get even more traffic to it and it’s going to result in even more sales. So it’s important to create blog posts, videos, or podcasts because they are evergreen content.

Tip #3

Another tip, to making more money with your affiliate income is actually by promoting your links on social media.

So you can promote your links on Instagram, which is kinda hard to do unless you have 10K+ followers. You can promote them on Pinterest by creating specific pins for them, you could do it through Facebook, by posting on either your Facebook page or better yet, just commenting to your own post with the link, or in Facebook groups as long as the group rules say that you can and you can also promote on Twitter.

The only thing that you have to deal with, with any affiliate link that you use or put anywhere, is that you do have to disclose that it is an affiliate link. So for the most part you can do hash tag affiliate or in parentheses just say affiliate or if you are commenting on a Facebook post, like I mentioned in a Facebook group, you would want to say here’s my affiliate link.

You want to make sure that you are ALWAYS disclosing it is an affiliate link. You cannot opt to not disclose it…..it’s against the rules. So again, you can promote it on social media and for awhile I had my Twitter feed all running through my links and I was promoting at least two affiliate links per day.

You can easily do that, plain and simple.

Tip #4

You can also promote your affiliate links through your email list.

Did I mention that you should be growing your email list? (Watch for content that I have coming out about that.)

Well you should!! It is another way to give value to your community and you can occasionally promote your links through your email list.

So let’s say that you wanted to recommend a product that was like, "hey guys a few months ago I discovered this product and it has been amazing for me. I absolutely recommend it to you guys," and you include the link and say here’s a free trial or something.

Again, you still need to disclose that it is an affiliate link. So either at the beginning of the email or the end you can put a little disclaimer.

But that is a GREAT way, a really, really, great way to actually make affiliate sales, because people read your emails, obviously, they’re going to take you seriously and it’s a direct thing that you are recommending only to them.

It’s a little bit more personal than it is on your social media or a blog post and people are more likely to click it if you include it in your emails. So try sending some of your affiliate links to your email list.

CAUTION: But before you do that, realize that some email platforms DO NOT allow you to send affiliate links and people have actually gotten kicked out of platforms because they were sending affiliate links in their emails.

So make sure you know the rules, terms & conditions, etc for your email platform before you use that strategy and stay within those guidelines.

And if you are using an email platform that does not allow you to send affiliate links  you may want to consider hopping off of their platform and getting onto a different platform. Just a thought?!

Tip #5

The last tip that I wanna recommend to you guys is to actually work WITH the companies that you are an affiliate for. So I am affiliate for about 9+ different companies and a couple of those companies I have a really, really good relationship with. When I say really good relationship with them, I mean that they have actually paid to promote my blog posts, or they have improved my commission based on the work that I was already doing for them. Or the content on my website and the recommendations that I had already got they improved my commissions based on that.

So it’s really important to work WITH the companies if you want to make more money. If you feel stuck, like you’re only making 50 cents a sale, which is not very good, and you feel stuck, start working with a company.

Start building a relationship and see what they can do for you. So maybe you write that blog post that I mentioned, that’s a truly informative post, it’s a how-to-guide or a beginner’s guide. You think it’s a really, really great blog post that maybe they could promote on their website or their social media. So, send it to them.

When you signed up to become an affiliate, you should have received an affiliate manager. I know that I have an affiliate manager for all of my programs that I am an affiliate for.

So when you have that affiliate manager, all you have to do is when you talk to them, say, "hey, I wrote this really amazing blog post and I was wondering if you guys could look it over and maybe share it on your social media?" Not even necessarily pay to promote it, but they might end up paying to promote it because they want people to sign up for their product.

They want people to use your link because they are getting more sales themselves. So, start working closely with companies. I’m telling you it will pay off in the end. And when companies reach out to you and say, "hey, if you’ve written anything about us, lwe would love to share it," make sure you ALWAYS respond to those.

I’ve gotten a couple of those emails and I always say, yep, here are three blog posts where I included my affiliate link and I promoted you guys and it has done very, very well for me. So if you wanna improve your sales then working with the companies is a great tip to pursue.

Bonus Tip

Now, an extra little bonus tip that I wanna throw out to you, is to make your blog posts or any content you create extremely accessible.

Take one of your most successful blog posts or videos, etc. or a piece of content that is one of the staples to what your blog or channel is about and link it to your home page or on your sidebar.

If it’s a blog, you can link it in your FAQs page, etc. You also can link a different one, but equally important, to your Twitter or Instagram bio, etc.

So it’s not once and you’re done kinda thing. You promoted it and now that’s it. No, you can link it lots of places and several times throughout your website so that it’s accessible to all your visitors. And so that people are always leading to it no matter what.

Because you never know what someone will learn from your website or who might land on it and then actually learn something and decide they want to start a blog or a YouTube channel, etc and then you can refer them to a company that you are an affiliate for.

Hopefully you honestly believe in the company because that is your name and reputation on the line. So make sure you choose to be affiliate of companies that you know, like, and trust.

And also be a user of their product. But, absolutely, make your posts of any kind accessible, you can then be referring others to a company that you believe in but that you’re an affiliate of as well and receive a commission.

Alright, so those are my quick and easy 5 tips, plus that bonus tip, but you deserve a little extra.

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