0 To 1000 YouTube Subscribers!!

1000 YouTube Subscribers | Tips That Helped To Grow My Beginner YouTube Channel

Alright, I’m going to try to be a little bit more casual here, because I just really want to discuss with you how I went from 0 to 1000+ subscribers on YouTube. So if you guys are ready, let’s get going.

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I’m so excited to do this post. I think because of what I get to share with you. And, because I have been dreaming about having 1000 subscribers and my dream has come true.

So let me tell you a little bit about that journey. I launched my first video in October of 2018, however, that was a false start.

And, can I just tell you, I launched it thinking I would start and grow my YouTube channel. But then I decided I would just use the video for promoting my affiliate marketing and so that video just sat there and I used it when it was necessary and put it in sales funnels, etc.

Then after discussing things with my Mentor and doing a 30-day business challenge with my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program, I quickly decided that I wanted to grow my YouTube channel. And, honestly, I preferred making content via video more than some of the other methods.

So, I got started on my serious journey with YouTube just a little over a year later in late October of 2019.

It’s was the first week of February 2020 and I hit 1000 subscribers. I’m still so freaking excited.  That’s like under 4 months. What?!?

Just ask my kids how excited I was as it grew.

I would show them my subscribers count almost every day. They did not get as excited as I did. But, of course, they watch people like Pewdiepie and DanTDM.

pewdiepie dantdm images

So I was just too small for them. But to be fair a couple of them really did encourage me.

Now, I will tell you, I did a lot of research. A LOT! I watched how-to videos, tutorials, tips and tricks, and the list goes on. I wanted to get it done right.

I knew how to set up everything up. I knew how to watch my analytics. I knew how to promote and syndicate my videos. And, when my growth would slow…..I would watch more videos teaching me one more tip or trick.

But I want to share some of those with you today. What I’ve learned and what I wish I had done either differently or implemented sooner.

So, I’m going to cover some strategies that I most recently implemented. And, what I feel started helping me grow the fastest.

Analyzed Other YouTubers

analyzed other youtubers image

Okay, as I mentioned, I analyzed other YouTubers. Ones that had more subscribers than I did. And, yes, ones in my niche, but also I watched people like Pewdiepie and DanTDM.

But I wanted them to have several thousand subscribers, so that I could put some weight into what they were saying.

I would try to figure out what they were doing right and what was working for them. Because I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel.

I knew that if they were doing something and it was working, then if I did it, it would probably work for me too.

My goal wasn’t to copy them, even though the content we are sharing will be very similar. My content would have have my voice, my face, my spin on it. Mostly, my goal was to figure out their strategies that I could implement into my own channel and gain traction.

I wanted to draw inspiration from them. I wanted to learn what I could from them. Also, at the same time I wanted to learn as much as I could about the YouTube platform and what made it tick, so to speak.

all the YouTubers I watched image

I watched people like Gillian Perkins, Sarah’s Day, Big Mark, Passive Income Lifestyles, Marissa Romero, Jen Johnson, etc. Oh my and the list goes on, because there were a lot.

I would go to their video sections and watch videos that sounded interesting to me. Although, I tried to watch videos that would help me grow my channel. I would sort their videos by the most popular and watch those.

What I was looking for in these videos was to see what they were doing and what they were teaching.

What were they doing right? What did their thumbnails look like? What were they talking about? What was the title? As well as, How was it all formatted? Caps versus no caps or a mixture and how was their description laid out?

As I learned all of that, I would adjust and tweak my strategy to see what I could do better when I created each of my videos. I did this in hopes of gaining more views on my channel.

And why?

Because I knew they were obviously getting those views and subscribers. So, their techniques were working for them. Which means they would work for me too.

Narrowed Niche

narrowed niche image

From there, I narrowed my niche…again!

Okay, as a silly side-note….nitch or neesh? I Googled it!

According to the Cambridge dictionnary, nitch is the American and Canadian English and neesh is British English.

That explains why all of America is confused as to whether it should be said or nitch or neesh. So Americans and Canadians say nitch and the rest of the world says neesh.

Back to our subject. I was sticking to ideas related to working from home, starting and growing a business, and all sorts of online marketing. Which can be really vast if you let it be. What I was noticing is a lot of other YouTubers tend to have only 3-4 topics that they stick to.

So I narrowed my topics down to only three, that way I can add a fourth if I feel it’s beneficial in the future. For now I'm sticking with only three. I try to focus on only my strategies/tutorials, attraction/internet marketing, and mindset/inspirations or personal development whichever you want to call it.

Narrowing my niche down has really helped me so much, just so I’m not all over the place and covering too many things. Which in turn makes it hard for my audience to know what I’m all about.

With niching down I feel like I’ve captured my audience’s attention, as well as working with the YouTube algorithm at the same time.

Fundamental Videos

fundamental videos image

Along with all of that, I’m trying to create more of a fundamental feel in my videos. I’m trying to think like my audience and kinda figure out what videos they are searching for or even what they need in terms of help and guidance.

Because I really want to help you guys START and GROW your own online businesses. So I will be focusing on the fundamentals of how to do that. So not just a video on how to promote affiliate marketing, but essentially how to start affiliate marketing and taking it back a step to help those that are just getting started. As well as those who need additional tips and tricks to scale their business.

Make Videos Interesting

Make Videos Interesting image

One thing that I have been doing is making my videos more interesting to watch. Or trying. I really work on learning one new editing technique or recording technique to apply to my videos in order to make them more interesting to watch and a bit more advanced.

Adding movement and screen captures, and so on. And this I will do ongoing, going forward because I want my videos to get better and better for you my loyal audience.

tcb and alisha marie image

I recently got a tip from TheContentBug (Cathrin  Manning), who got it from Alisha Marie, who talks about having other people watch her videos and if there’s any point where they lose interest, or they look at their phones, or they get anxious about the video being done and over, or whatever, she makes note of that and goes back and changes that part of the video. If people are getting bored, then they are likely to leave your video. And, here’s the real catch, YouTube likes to pay attention to your audience retention rate. Right? Are people only watching a few seconds of your video or are they watching your video the whole way through?

You always want to encourage people to watch your videos all the way through. And if they are getting bored and leaving and you can fix that by making the boring parts more interesting, wouldn’t you do that?

Yeah, me too.

While I just learned about this technique, this is a great technique to catch and correct those boring spots and maintain a better retention rate. Which in turn will help my 4000 watch hours that I’m working my way to.

I feel it goes without saying that if your videos are more interesting and they like what they see they are more likely to subscribe and they will hang around longer watching your videos.

Clickable Thumbnails OR Thumbnail Design

clickable thumbnails or thumnail design image

Next, I have to talk about thumbnails.

They are so important! You need click-worthy or clickable thumbnails.

You don’t want click-bait thumbnails but you can come really close to click-bait without being click-bait.

thumbnail examples

I try to include a nice photo, always, and I have tried to dress them up with graphics and colors and text overlay. But I was putting too many words. So I have shortened the thumbnail words and I have been using words that encourage clicking, so more click worthy wording. Like the words secret or secrets , and you can use a question mark and exclamation point together after your statement which piques the interest of those searching or surfing YouTube.

There are other words that are click worthy, like “unbelievable”, “shocking”, “unreal”, “amazing”, and the list goes on.

Honestly, it’s not really click-bait. Click-bait is mentioning secrets and then not telling you my secrets. Or saying 1000+ subscribers, but not talking about or have 1000+ subscribers.

Whatever you use on your thumbnails make sure you are discussing that in your videos. It is only click-bait if you don’t live up to the expectation that is set by the thumbnail or based off the thumbnail.

So having “click-bait” content on your thumbnails works wonders.

Video Title Formats

video title formats

Next, I changed the formatting of my video titles.

Trying to use it to my advantage. When I first started my titles were not getting the job done. I did use a lot of the characters that were allowed, but I did not use caps.

I would see titles that utilized caps but it, honestly, seemed dumb to me. However, this little tid bit I got from The Content Bug. So I did some of my own research. Based off of my own analytics and just searching to see what other people were doing I realized this was a good technique.

When you include ALL caps it tends to crab the attention of your audience and they are more likely to click on it. So you will notice now that the more recent of my YouTube videos start with an all caps section. The all cap section is the main topic of the Youtube video geared toward my audience and hopefully something that someone is going to want to click on. The main point that I use to grab my audiences attention is in all caps. So my first half of the title is more click worthy words that I put in all caps.

Then after the all caps section, I include more keywords and go into more detail about what I’m really going to be talking about in that video. And, oh my goodness, that has been a game changer for me.

Call To Action

call to action image

One of the biggies is to simply ask for your audiences engagement. Ask your audience to like, share, and comment. As well as subscribe to your channel.

So here’s the thing…..years ago when I started watching YouTube videos I did not know that it helped YouTubers if I watched their video to the end. Heck, I didn’t even realize that YouTubers got paid back then. I just thought it was people who wanted to get information out there. And ads….I didn’t realize that watching those helped YouTubers. In the past, I would never like videos even if I loved them, because I didn’t know it was important. And also because I just couldn’t be bothered with those few extra steps and I thought why? What purpose did it serve, well I just didn’t know.

But YouTubers started telling me to like, share, and comment if I found value. They told me to subscribe if I liked what I was seeing. They encouraged me to hang around until the end of the video. So I started liking, sharing and commenting because I was given that call to action by other YouTubers. And, eventually, I realized how much it helped them to grow their channel and their subsribers.

It really does.

And it only takes a one click to subscribe and one click to like and share. Commenting takes a bit more but that’s how we, as YouTubers find out what your cares and concerns are and what content you are interested in hearing about.

The more subscribers you have, you grow. The more likes that you have on a video the more that YouTube is actually going to promote it. The more views that you have on a YouTube video then the more YouTube is going to promote it.

So to really work with the YouTube algorithm and to increase your YouTube engagement you need your viewers to like your videos, subscribe to your channel, watch your videos all the way through, and then when they comment that too drives up the engagement algorithm.

Let your audience know that when they share your videos they are helping to promote you as much as they can. Even if it is just a like, or a comment, even one thing helps.

So I love telling my audience that liking and subscribing to my channel really does help to support me. I like to think that it encourages them to do those things. I like to think that it encourages you guys to do those things also when you know that you are helping to support my channel.

I have been encouraging engagement from the beginning and I know that has helped to get my subscriber numbers up to 1000+.

I love helping you and bringing you information about starting affiliate marketing, starting a business or growing a business and I want to be here to help you along your journey. But also I would like to get my channel monetized.

So I’m letting you guys know that the next step or goal of mine is to get my 4000 watch hours, which will allow my channel to be monetized by YouTube. I’ve hit my 1000 subscribers and now I’m working on those watch hours, so if you guys want to help get in those hours, you could watch a playlist all the way through. Or watch all the videos on my channel, not sayin just sayin.

Please feel free to help me get my watch hours because I am so excited to monetize this YouTube channel and to be able to continue creating content for you guys.

I love your support and your encouragement along the way because you guys are great! Sometimes when we let others in our goals, people are basically kind at heart, and they tend to support others, or know HOW to support them when they know what are intentions are.

There are other things that go into getting to 1000+ subscribers and growing your YouTube channel. I have future videos coming out about some of the tips and tricks for helping your channel to grow and gain momentum.

I also have a blog coming out shortly that will focus on your YouTube Marketing Strategies, because it comes down to your strategy and what you are doing on the platform. So make sure that you watch for that blog post and of course the future videos regarding YouTube tips, tricks, and strategies.

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I am here to help you start and grow an online business, so that you can create the time freedom and financial freedom that you and your family deserve.

Leave me a comment if there are any topics that you would be interested in learning about and I can see what I can do for you.

Be sure to give like, comment, and share if you found value in this post.

I just want to say guys thank you so, so, so much for supporting me here on my YouTube channel and reaching my first 1000 subscribers.

I couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support.

Be a SUPERSTAR in every way!

Talk soon,

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